Why St. Marys

We believe that each student bears the ultimate responsibility for his or her own achievements. As a Catholic school, we have high standards and expect our students to accept their responsibilities, behave in an exemplary manner, and master the basic skills of their required subject areas. We believe all students are capable of mastering a core curriculum of basic contents and skills. As such mastery is demonstrated, the Catholic school faculty will provide a learning environment which promotes independent and critical involvement with the subject matter.

The Catholic citizens who make up our parish and school environment consider it our mission to educate the young people in our Catholic community. We believe children should be educated to use their talents and abilities to God’s honor and glory and that our student’s lives should be celebrated as unique and wonderful gifts of God. Therefore:

  • St. Mary’s is a Christ centered Catholic elementary school serving Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade.

  • The school is an integral mission of St. Mary’s Catholic Parish and is maintained and supported by tuition, grants, and subsidies to serve the families of the parish.

  • St. Mary’s Catholic School exists to offer a high level of opportunities for excellence in the areas of religion, reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, technology and the arts.

  • Be it understood that all subject matter taught in this school will be consistent with and never in opposition to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • The school will educate and celebrate differences in culture, ethnicity, and learning styles of all children.

  • All faculty members, staff, coaches, and other adults in our school will always pursue a Christ centered approach to advising, teaching, and instructing children.

  • Emphasis on peace and justice will permeate the relationships between children, staff and parents.

  • The faculty and staff will continually strive to enhance the learning environment and develop new and innovative ways to help all children reach their full, true and rightful.