2nd Grade

Hello, and welcome to 2nd grade!! I’m Mrs. Hadley, and I have been blessed to teach at St. Mary’s for 5 years. I have taught at Corpus Christi Elementary and Epiphany Elementary, and truly call St. Mary’s home. I grew up in Western Kansas as a farm kid, and I went to college at Fort Hays State University. Shortly after graduating, I moved to Bloomington where I have been ever since. I have three daughters who amaze me every day and keep me busy with a multitude of sporting events.

Teaching truly is a calling. You have to love the job to be effective at it. I don’t know that I could picture myself doing anything but teaching. I laugh, learn, and praise God every day here at St. Mary’s with my students. I talk a lot about individual talents in my classroom. Each student brings something different to the room. I love helping students build success with talents they already have, but it’s even better to see them light up when they finally understand something that was difficult. We really do focus on the individual growth here and not the current trend. That’s why this is the best place for me as a teacher!!

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