Vision Statement

Fr. Greg Nelson. . . October 1, 2016

“We want every person who passes through our doors to know that they are loved by Christ, and that challenges us to educate and love in even more unique ways.”

“Our school building is up-to-date, safe, and is kept beautiful and clean. An optimum enrollment of 200 children would be ideal. We wish we could operate financially by stewardship with no tuition. But this is not the case in today’s world, so we must live within our budget. However, we are blessed with contributions that support nearly half our school expenses through the Sunday collection. It is the St. Mary’s way, to help those in need.”

“We are often told that there is something different about St. Mary’s. This has everything to do with keeping true to our 150 year old mission of searching for Christ in all that we teach, learn and do.”    


Catholic School Statement of Purpose

 “From the first moment that a student sets foot in a Catholic school, he or she ought to have the impression of entering a new environment, one illumined by the light of faith and having its own unique characteristics, an environment permeated with the Gospel spirit of love and freedom…”

The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School , #25  

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Peoria are established to assist the Bishop and Pastors in the transmission of the Faith to the young people of the diocese. We welcome non-Catholic students into our schools who wish to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Catholic education. Every school must have as its main goal to help each student develop a personal and ecclesial relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, who is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6). The principles, practices, and beliefs of the Catholic Faith must be fully integrated throughout the school’s curricula, service projects, co-curricular activities, and culture.

Students in our Catholic schools are reminded of their dignity as children of God through the study of Catholic doctrine, frequent opportunities for personal and communal prayer, and active participation in the sacramental life of the Church. Together with parents, the primary educators of their children, our Catholic schools pursue academic and spiritual excellence by helping students to develop their intellectual abilities, foster wholesome friendships, and practice discipleship, strengthen their daily prayer life, grow in virtue, and become leaders through serving others.

All personnel that work in our Catholic schools must have at heart the promotion of the educational mission of the Church, and live as visible role models of faith within the parish/school community. Catholic doctrinal, moral and social teachings are an integral part of each school. Therefore, all faculty, staff, administrative, and volunteer personnel must support the teachings of the Church, actively practice their faith in daily life, and be loyal to the Church’s Magisterium. Our Catholic school personnel share this educational mission and its various commitments and responsibilities with parents and the local Church communities.

“It is crucial that the policies and procedures of Catholic schools reflect that primary purpose and that the Catholicity of the school and its faithfulness to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church (Magisterium) are not compromised.”

Sister Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, J.D., Ph.D.