Tuition Information

Tiered Tuition Program

Tiered Program

Enrollment Fee for Pre K - 8:  $150 per child

Parish Support

Tuition Request for Parish Support Form

Please fill-out this form and submit to the office for tuition help from St. Mary's parish.

Referral Program

Our current St. Mary’s Families are the best representatives to help “sell” our school to prospective families who would consider sending their children to St. Mary’s. Current families are encouraged to invite prospective families to make an on-campus school visit and experience the joy of SMS first-hand.

As a reward for enrolling a new family and securing their registration and attendance, the referring family will receive a tuition credit for the next school year.


  1. Prior to the visit, the Current SMS Family must submit a Recommendation Form on behalf of the prospective family.
  2. The prospective family may complete an on-campus school visit, at their convenience but preferably during a school day. This will include meeting with the school principal, learning about what St. Mary’s has to offer, touring the building, and meeting other representatives of SMS.
  3. Prospective families must complete an “Intent to Enroll” form and school registration packet. For the referring family to be eligible for a tuition incentive award, the prospective family must register at the “Recipient” level or above (see Tiered Tuition Program chart).
  4. On December 1 st, current families will be awarded $1,000.00 off their tuition per prospective family that enrolls, registers, pays tuition, and attends. Although you may invite any number of prospects to visit, a maximum award will not exceed the referring family’s tuition.
  5. Awards will be credited per family, regardless of the number of children in the prospective family.
  6. If the new family “un-enrolls” before December 1 st, the referring family will no longer be eligible to receive the $1,000.00 tuition incentive.
  7. In the event that more than one current family completes a Recommendation Form for the same new family, the tuition incentive may be divided between the current families at the discretion of the administration .

Referral Program Form

FACTS Tuition Management Program

Paying tuition in installments:

    1. Payments may be made in 10 month (August – June) or 12 month (July – June) payment plans.
    2. Payments may be made by automatic deduction from a checking account, by mailing in payments, or by credit card. An additional fee is assessed by FACTS for credit card payments.
    3. FACTS Payment Plan and Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment - link.