Susan Bassie - Physical Education - Health


Growing up in a small town in north Ms, also known as The Delta, was great. Home of the blues! My family farmed and we had a crop dusting service. Being one of nine children, we knew how to play hard and we knew how to work hard. I am married to Marty Behrens whose chosen profession is Electrical Engineering.

I have a Master of Science Degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. My undergraduate degree was in Physical Education with a minor in Biology. I graduated from Mississippi State and Delta State Universities .

I have taught school in Mississippi , Tennessee , and Illinois . Each experience has been very rewarding. My teaching career has included teaching science to Jr. High and High School, math in middle school, Health to Viet Nam Veterans who had returned from the War and were getting their GED.

After teaching 6 years, when I had my Master of Science degree, I left teaching to pursue a career in agriculture as an ag chemical rep. I eventually ended up working in the biotech industry for a total of 20 years. This allowed me to share information and learn from others.

St. Mary’s had an opening in Physical Education and I was fortunate enough to get the job of teaching physical education to grades K-8 and health to grades 6-8. I have been allowed to build a wonderful PE program that is fun, safe, and meets Illinois State Standards. We have implemented the “new PE” approach where we have students moving from the time they get to class until they leave. At the end of the year, students have learned the rules and played many different sports as well as learned self confidence, self esteem, and teamwork. I believe in teaching the whole child rather than just developing their athletic ability. My goal is for them to have fun and learn lifelong skills that will help them be healthy, feel comfortable, and succeed in as many situations as possible.

Some of our units are: adventure education which involves creative ways of problem solving, basketball, baseball, football, dance, skating, swimming, volleyball, takraw, badminton, and a physical fitness . In addition, grades 6-8 meet for health class where we have a 3 year curriculum developed.

My interests are anything to do with science (primarily the botanical side), music, sports, friends and family. Not necessarily in that order. My faith has always been a huge part of my life and St. Mary’s has offered a wonderful opportunity to develop my spirituality. That development continues.


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