SCRIP Program

SCRIP is a no-selling fundraising program that allows families to raise money for their non-profit organization by using gift cards purchased from SCRIP to pay for everyday puchases. This has the potential to be an effective fundraiser for our school. Please consider giving it a try.

Program Coordinator:

Melissa Teagarden, contact information:

How to get started:

  • Go to website  to create an account
  • Use the St. Mary's enrollment code 51761978
  • Website to go shopping
  • Make your check out to St. Mary's School, write SCRIP on memo line, put check in envelope marked "SCRIP"Turn envelope into the school office by end of day Friday, or the last school day of the week
If there are enough orders, I will place an order with Scrip each week. We do have to pay a small Fed Ex shipping charge. The gift cards will be shipped to the school the following week, and can be picked up in the office. Be watching for more information in future Wednesday Words, the school website, and our Facebook page.