The "Stories of God's Love" Religion curriculum, used in Pre-K teaches students that:
-Jesus welcomes all children. 
-God loves and knows everyone by name. 
-God made and gave us the world because he loves us. We show our love to God by taking care of ourselves and of the world.
-Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are the Holy Family. 
-We are friends of Jesus.
-I talk to God and speak to him. I pray every day.

Our religion curriculum also encompasses daily prayer and crafts/art activities. We also meet once a week with our Fourth Grade Prayer Partners.  Integrated Learning Incorporates math, language, science, social studies, and cooperative learning into fun learning activities.


The math curriculum is based on the Chicago Everyday Math program supplemented with creative individualized activities that stimulate learning. The Everyday Math program emphasizes manipulatives and real-world experiences while providing opportunities to reinforce numeration, operations, geometry, data and chance, patterns and spatial awareness.


The Language curriculum encompasses writing (Handwriting Without Tears), phonics and reading. Our reading program emphasizes orientation to printed material and reading comprehension. Students will develop these skills at their own individual pace. 


Art is done in the classroom; it is an important outlet for children and their creativity. Art allows them freedom of expression, assisting in the development of self-esteem while enhancing fine motor skills and visual-spatial awareness. The most important aspect of art is the process, not the product.  

Special Area Classes

These classes help to develop an overall awareness and appreciation for the fine arts. Special Area classes provide the opportunity for students to learn and express themselves creatively.

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning in an integral part of life in our classroom. The four principals of cooperative learning are positive interdependence, individual accountability, equal participation and simultaneous interaction. Through cooperative learning, children are provided with the skills that they need to become successful adults.