Kelly Gentsch - 5th Grade

Professional Background – All at ISU!
Proud to be a Redbird!
* Dual degrees in Special Education & Elementary Education
* Minor in Psychology
* Masters Degree in Special Education

Teaching Experience:
* So happy to be teaching 5 th grade at St. Mary’s!
* 2 ½ years of K-8 Special Education at Saunemin Grade School
* 1 year of K-2 for students with emotional problems at Bent Elementary
* 4 years of K-6 Special Education in Morton
* 4 years of Special Education at Pontiac High School focusing on English, Pre-Algebra, and study skills.

Personal Information:
* Married to my husband, Jude.
* Mother of two children, Cole and Maddie.
* We live in Normal & have one dog – Jettie.

Favorite Things:
Good attitudes and manners, positive people, sense of humor, attending my kids’ activities, & Jazzercise.

Pet Peeves:
Unkindness, lack of effort, sloppiness, talking while I’m talking, spiral edged paper, messy desks, bad attitudes, gum chomping


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