Honors programs at CCHS

Central Catholic High School, as an accommodation to the Catholic Grade Schools, will grant admission to our Algebra and Foreign Language (French/Spanish) classes to those students who meet the following requirements:

  1. Take our Math and English entrance examination.
  2. Attain a score in the 8th or 9th stanine.
  3. Rank in the 90% in their eighth grade achievement test.
  4. Have a minimum grade point average of "B"
  5. Recommendation of the grade school teacher/administrator.

Students who are accepted into this program must complete the proper forms and pay the course fees assessed by CCHS. Course fees will be subtracted from tuition costs when enrolling as a freshman at CCHS. For students who continue their high school education at CCHS, the Algebra and Foreign Language semester grade will be part of their permanent record and will count as a math or foreign language credit but will not count as part of their high school GPA.