Fish Fry Information

Family Stewardship is sharing our time, talent and treasure with others. As a Catholic Faith community, stewardship is an important value to pass on to our children. Stewardship also helps us provide activities for our students that we otherwise could not support. Therefore…
Families with a child in Kindergarten through 8th grade are required to:

  • Help with Fish Fries (proceeds are for tuition assistance)

Any family that does not complete their service requirement of working a Fish Fry will be assessed an additional $75.00. This assessment will be added to your tuition at the end of the school year.

Volunteer Sign-Up

Raffle Prizes

  • Contact the office or Heidi Kelleher

Changes to Fish Fry

Different: This year we have FOUR events.  The way the calendar and Spring Break worked out, we think we can make it work: 3/7 and 3/14, two Fridays off, then two more: 4/4 and 4/11.
Same: We still need lots of help.  The signup genius link for the 3/7 event is below.  Also look for it on the We Love St. Mary's Grade School Facebook page and in   next week's Wednesday  Word .

Different: BEER -- yes, we will have beer for sale.
Same: Still on Friday  nights, serving   4:30 - 7:30.

Different: The menu -- we dropped the potatoes and added a pasta side/option for those not as excited about the fish.  Grilled cheese will be available a la carte for $1.
Same: It's in the handbook: Families with students in K-8 are required to help in some capacity with Fish Fry Dinners.  With four events, we have even more opportunities!

Different: Ticket Contest -- The two students who turn in the most ticket sales will win cash ($100 for first; $50 for second).

  • Turn in your tickets to the school office *in an envelope marked Fish Fry*
  • *include the attached sales form with your name* and we'll count them up.  
  • You can get tickets to sell from the school office or the church office.  
  • The class that sells the most tickets will win free jeans day passes and a pizza party.  You (and your class) only get credit for tickets turned in with the form.
  •  (YOU get to count tickets YOU sell after mass if you put the money in an envelope with the form and leave it in the money box.)

Ticket Sales Contest FORM

Same: Money raised at the Fish Fry dinners goes to tuition assistance for all students.  Get out there, sell lots of tickets, and help all our students at the same time!

Different: We are going to try to move the work that was done on Friday  mornings to Thursday nights, so that will hopefully mean there isn't much left to do Friday  morning.  That means we will need extra help on Thursday nights.
Same: We will still have plenty to do   Friday  afternoon, so if you are available, you are still very much needed.