Drama Club

St Mary’s School is proud to offer Drama Club as an extracurricular for students in grades 4th - 8th grade. The Drama Club has presented musical, comedy and historical theatre to the St. Mary’s family and surrounding community since 2002.  Some past productions include Sir Nose, the Burger Rat (twice), Alice through the Looking Glass (musical), Romeo and Winifred, The Hound of Clackerville, Twinderella, and selections for various holiday celebrations. This year we are excited to present two original spiritual productions, Welcome to Bethlehem  and the upcoming Living Stations of the Cross.  Theatre games and activities are used to observe creativity and stage presence. Rehearsals are held after school hours.  There is a $10.00 activity fee which covers the cost of costumes, scripts, and the rights to do the play. Other costs of production (backdrops, sets, and theatre) are funded through the donations of our generous patrons. The club is sponsored by director Tricia Hozie.