St. Mary’s has a long history of athletics and we pride ourselves in offering a variety of sports and extra curricular activities for students. Organized teams are formed for students in grades 5-8 in cross country, boy's basketball, girl's basketball, volleyball, track and field, and cheerleading. We have also created a co-op with Corpus Christi Catholic School so we could form a Girls Softball and Boys Baseball team. All St. Mary’s students who are in 4th grade are permitted to participate at the 5th grade level when additional players are needed to complete a roster.

Athletic Association

The Athletic Association, with the approval of the principal, plans all aspects of the athletic programs at St. Mary's. Our entire athletics’ staff is comprised of volunteers. We would not be able to provide our students with an athletics program without everyone's assistance.  The Athletics Association is open to any family with a student involved in athletics at St. Mary’s School and any parish member with an interest in promoting school athletics. The Athletic Association will operate according to the Athletic Association By-Laws as approved by the St. Mary’s Parish Education Commission. A copy of these by-laws will be made available upon request.

Athletic Association Meetings

The Athletics Association Board will meet on a regular basis throughout the year. If you would like to address the Athletics Association Board, please contact the Athletics Director.

The Athletics Association will hold general member meetings at various times throughout the year. All Athletics Association Members are welcome to attend. Meetings will be announced through the Wednesday Word and the parish bulletin.

Link to Diocesan Athletic Handbook


Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) regulates interscholastic activities in the state, including sports, scholastic bowl, speech, and music competitions. St. Mary’s School holds a membership in IESA.

Student Participation

Based on Catholic Diocese of Peoria School Athletics Policy, only students enrolled in St. Mary’s school are eligible to participate in athletics and extra curricular activities that represent our school.

Participation Fee

There will be $15 “Activity Fee” required of each participant per each sport or activity they participate in.  The specific amount of this fee is determined by length of season and specific budgetary needs for the athletic department.  


Participation in sports and other extra-curricular activities is a privilege offered through the school. Students forfeit this privilege if academic standards are not met and/or conduct is deemed unacceptable. Extra-curricular activities include, but are not limited to, athletics, cheerleading, drama club, student council, yearbook club, and chess club.

Conduct Eligibility

A student may be deemed ineligible to participate for inappropriate conduct. School personnel will notify the student, parent, coach or moderator, Athletic Director and other key personnel involved when the student becomes ineligible.

Academic Eligibility

A student shall be doing passing work in all subjects in order to participate in athletics and extra curricular activities. Academic
Eligibility will be determined at the end of the day on Thursday. School personnel will notify the student, parent, coach or moderator, Athletic Director and other key personnel who are involved on Friday or Saturday when the student becomes ineligible.  If a student is deemed ineligible they are not allowed to participate in contests the following week, from Sunday to Saturday.

For fall sports, the first eligibility check will be made following the first full week of attendance at the beginning of the school year. During the succeeding weeks of the school year, the eligibility check will begin the week prior to the first contest of the activity.

A student will be placed on probation for receiving an average grade of "D" in any subject.

A student will be deemed ineligible for receiving an average grade "F" in any subject.

A student on probation may practice and participate in games/activities. 

A student deemed ineligible may practice but will not be allowed to participate in any game/activity for that week. The student may attend the game, but will not wear a uniform. A student who is ineligible to play and violates this rule will be suspended for 2 games.

After a total of three weeks of probation in a quarter, the student may be suspended from all activities for one week. Additional weeks of probation may result in further suspension and/or expulsion from the team/activity. 

A student ineligible to play may be required by the coach to complete homework during practice time rather than participate in the practice. Additional weeks of ineligibility may result in further activity suspension and/or expulsion from the team/activity. 

The principal reserves the right to review individual cases and make adjustments in the best interest of the student, the team/activity and the school. Exceptions will only be granted under exceptional circumstances.

Parent Meetings

At least one parent must attend the parent meeting scheduled before the start of the season for each athletic activity.

Service Requirements

Each family must complete 10 hours of service per athlete. This service must be related to athletics and is in addition to school service hours. This level of service is necessary for our school to be able to hold athletic events. Without everyone’s help, we can not staff all of our athletic events. Any hours of service beyond the required 10 per athlete may count toward school service hours. We are also allowing families who would like to opt-out of service hours to pay $5.00 per service hour for a total of $50.00.

Parents will be asked to sign up for home-game shifts at the parent meeting. Once you sign up for a shift, if you are not able to
work your shift, it will be your responsibility to find a substitute. In order to work at athletic events, parents must comply with all
volunteer requirements listed below.

  • All volunteers must have on file:-
  • Volunteer Code of Conduct (see addendum) 
  • Background check through DCFS (CANTS form)
  • Proof of completion of the Safe Environment training or the VIRTUS Program, “Protecting God’s Children for Adults.” 

Service hours may be completed by parents, grandparents or other family members as long as they have completed all volunteer requirements listed above. If you are unable to complete any of the volunteer requirements listed above, please contact the principal or athletic director. Volunteer opportunities that do not involve working around children will be arranged.

Student Insurance

St. Mary’s School has purchased Accident Insurance for every student. This insurance is in effect for athletic events at both home and away games.

Liability Waiver

All students involved in athletics must have a signed Liability Waiver on file.  The Liability Waiver must be on file before the first tryout or practice.

Physicals for Athletics

All students in grades 4-8 planning to participate in any formal athletic program must submit a physical, performed within the last calendar year and signed by a physician, stating that the student is in good physical health. The physical form must be on file before the first tryout or practice.